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Susan H. Witting

Certified Family Law Specialist

Helping Parents Protect Their Relationships With Their Children

Child custody is possibly the single-most crucial and emotional issue addressed by the family courts. When parents do not see eye to eye on custody and visitation issues, they can find themselves involved in extremely contentious and stressful legal disputes.

At the Law Offices of Susan H. Witting, we understand what our clients are going through, and we provide skilled, compassionate legal guidance. Thousand Oaks child custody attorney Susan H. Witting is a certified family law specialist who has been practicing law in California since 1983. Contact our Thousand Oaks child custody firm to learn more about your options.

Understanding California Child Custody And Visitation Laws

Many people have misconceptions about child custody and visitation, often based on things they have heard from friends and family members. The fact is that every child custody case is unique and, under California law, must be resolved based on the best interests of the children.

While each case is unique and revolves around the specific fact, in general it is believed that the best interests of the children are achieved through the negotiation of a child custody agreement giving both parents a substantial role in their upbringing.

California does not follow the traditional arrangement where the mother has primary custody and the father has visitation every other weekend. While this may still be appropriate in some cases, gender is not a deciding factor, and more equally shared parenting is generally preferred.

Assistance With Paternity Issues Throughout California

Whether you are seeking to establish paternity in order to obtain child support or seeking to gain rights to custody and visitation, we can help. Paternity is often a necessary step in the process of establishing parental rights and can be complicated. You can rely on our services to ensure you follow the right steps.

Resolving Disputes Through Negotiations, Mediation And Litigation

Many child custody and visitation cases can be settled through negotiations or mediation, but in some cases, it is necessary to go to court with the help of an experienced trial lawyer. Where appropriate, psychological evaluations and family counseling may also be advisable.

We are experienced at helping clients understand the standards for child custody in California and pursue positive outcomes that protect their relationships with their children. We also frequently assist clients with parental relocation and interstate custody issues.

If you need assistance with a child custody issue, do not hesitate to call our Thousand Oaks office at 805-777-7371 or to fill our online contact form to schedule a consultation with attorney Susan H. Witting. Our offices are conveniently located and free parking is available.