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Susan H. Witting

Certified Family Law Specialist

Thousand Oaks Complex Asset Division Lawyer

Handling Tricky Financial Issues in Ventura County Divorce Cases

The division of community property always has the potential to be a contentious issue in a divorce case, but especially when one or both spouses own assets — such as businesses, real estate and retirement accounts — that are particularly difficult to identify, value or distribute.

At the Law Offices of Susan H. Witting, we help clients pursue fair distribution of all types of community property. Thousand Oaks complex asset division attorney Susan H. Witting, a certified family law specialist, has more than 34 years of experience in this area.

Accurately Identifying and Valuing All Types of Community Property

In California, assets acquired by either spouse during their marriage are normally considered community property and subject to division in divorce. While this process can be fairly straightforward for a bank account, it can be more difficult for assets such as the following:

  • Businesses, business interests and professional practices
  • Self-employment and independent contractor income
  • Homes, rental properties and other real estate
  • Patents, trademarks, copyrights and other intellectual property
  • Pension plans, 401(k) plans, IRAs and other retirement accounts
  • Stock options and other deferred compensation

Ms. Witting has helped many clients pursue favorable distributions of complex assets and is prepared to work with investigators, forensic accountants and other experts, if necessary, to ensure that your or your spouse’s assets are correctly identified and valued.

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